Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why Do You Need the Services of Natural Stone Restoration & Repair Specialists?

Many people agree that the luxurious marble or other natural stone surfaces used in their house remain the envy of dinner guests. But, one should understand that natural stones are not that hard like rocks, and are subject to wear and tear requiring regular care and maintenance. If not properly taken care of, the natural stones can become even a source of frustration and disappointment due to wear and tear.

Normally natural stone counter tops are sealed in the retailer shop and again sealing is done during installation. To get the best result, periodical sealing should also be done by stone restoration professionals to safeguard your costly stone from stains caused by accidental spills. 

Check the Grout Lines Properly

Marble, granite and other natural stone tiles and countertops are elegant additions to your home decor and will look their finest when stone care experts are called occasionally to maintain them. The filler spaces between two tiles are called grout lines. If the excess grout is not properly cleaned after installation, it’ll damage the tiles. Same way, if grout lines are broken, water or other liquids will enter into the inner layers of the stone, causing severe damage to the chemical structure of the stone. This shows the importance of calling stone restoration specialists for periodic or seasonal cleaning and repair works, if any.     

Great care is to be taken to remove excess grouts or to seal the gap in the grout lines. Proper sealing protects the stone from everyday spills - instead of being absorbed into the stone, the spilled liquid will stay on the surface which can be cleaned easily.

Use Only Quality Cleaning Products

Use only standard products for cleaning the stone surface. For safe and effective maintenance, you can contact The Marble Man to get details about recommended natural stone cleaning products. They provide a wide range of home cleaning products that you can purchase to keep your stone looking and feeling like ‘NEW’.

For example, consider one of The Marble Man’s products, the S-P Cleaner. It’s proved to be a very effective neutral PH, everyday cleaner for natural stone surfaces. The main advantage of S-P cleaner is that it’s a self Sealer too! It contains a small percentage of penetrating sealer. So whenever you use S-p Cleaner on your stone benchtops and floors, the original penetrating sealer in the stone is ‘topped up’, providing added protection.

Stone Test for Resealing

Here is a DIY method to check whether your stone requires resealing. Add a drop of water on the stone tile and wait for a few minutes. If the water is absorbed into the stone, it requires Sealing. If the stone surface is sealed properly, the water drop will remain there beaded up.

In order to preserve the durability of natural stone and to ensure that its beautiful shine persists, there is no other option than calling a Natural Stone Restoration Specialist once in a while. There is a danger in continuing with self cleaning of the stones because regular use of common household cleaning products can cause damage to the stone, which will eventually lead to costly repair and replacement at a later period.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

How To Polish And Restore Marble Flooring?

Polishing marble floors can either be easy or difficult, depending on where you live and your immediate environment. In warm regions, like Singapore and other South-East Asian countries, it's important to remember that the local climate and humidity will exert a certain degree of influence over your marble floors. One good example is moisture. Leaving your marble tiles exposed to excessive moisture is not a good idea, and this is because marble tiles tend to develop spots and stains when exposed to too much moisture. So whenever the rainy seasons arrive, try to limit the amount of moisture that enters into your home by keeping your windows and doors closed.

Aside from the environment, you should also remember that keeping your marble floor clean presents certain challenges. For example, that in addition to the difficulties posed by marble polishing, marble flooring is also one of the most delicate floor tiles in the world. So in keeping your marble tiles clean, it's important to exercise a little caution. Not only will this help you clean your floor, it will also allow you to protect it from dirt and grime.

How Do Your Restore Your Marble Floor?

Restoring your marble floor to its original beauty can be done using a three step process. First of all, you will need to clean off the dirt and grime using warm water. You will then need to mop off all of the stains and then manually dry them using a simple piece of cloth. For older stains, you will need to create a poultice that consists of water and baking soda. The poultice will suck out the stains from out of the marble's pores, which then will allow you to remove them manually. Once you're done, simply mop the poultice and clean your floor using a vacuum cleaner.

For the next step, you will need to polish your marble tiles to make them look new, and to do this, you will need to use marble polishers. These polishers act like sand paper in the sense that they are meant to remove the damaged layers of your floor. One good example are marble diamond polishers, which are designed for marble floors with extensive scratches. These polishers are designed to remove very thin layers of your floor's marble tiles in order to remove all of the scratches and permanent stains found on them.

Finally, when everything else is finished, apply a marble sealant to protect your newly cleaned marble floor from contaminants. Sealants generally last very long, so they should be able to protect your floor for a very long time.

Tips On How to Clean and Polish Your Marble Floor

Marble polishing can be a little tricky due to the delicate nature of marble itself. So if you want to sweep your floor, you should only use a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner. You should also use a special marble cleaner as they are designed to remove all the stains and dirt from your tiles without harming the surface of your floor. If, however, they are not available, you can always use warm water as a substitute. Anything else may potentially harm your marble floor tiles, and that's certainly something that you want to avoid.

Aside from cleaning or restoring marble floor tiles, you should also avoid using certain items in cleaning your floor tiles. A few good examples include vinegar, ordinary soaps and even mild detergents. These substances often contain ingredients that could potentially damage the surface of your marble tiles. Vinegar, for example, contains acid, while certain types of soap contain substances that may reduce the beauty of your marble tiles. So if you can't find a marble cleaner, don't use any other substance to clean your tiles. Just use warm water until you can find a suitable commercial marble tile cleaner.

Finally, you should also try to seal and polish your tiles once every few months. The polish will allow your floor to retain its natural shine, whereas the sealant will protect it from dirt. Do this even if your floor is completely clean, as it is as a good form of routine protection. The good news is that there are plenty of commercial polish and sealants to choose from in Singapore, and if you can't make up your mind, you can always contact the company that installed your floor tiles for recommendations on which brands are most suitable for your floor.

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